Welcome to The Primo School of Music

At The Primo School of Music we offer group tuition for Piano and Guitar (Primo Piano and Primo Guitar). We believe group lessons are the best way to learn to play. In addition to being excellent value, children (and adults!) learn better and have more fun within a group situation.  Music making is, by its very nature, a group activity and all musicians need to learn to play and interact with other musicians to reach their full potential.



Primo Piano (5yrs+) – Regular practice at home is one of the main keys to success as a musician. Our practice mantra is, “A little, and often!”  Students who attend a piano lesson with other children each week are more highly motivated to practice at home in order to ‘show off’ their playing skills to their friends and parents within the weekly class and at the annual ‘Primo Piano Recital’ which this year is taking place at Cardiff University Concert Hall.


Primo Piano Annual Recital

Every student at Primo Piano has their own high-quality Yamaha piano keyboard to play during the 40 minute piano lesson.  Class sizes are small, with usually between four and six students in each group.  As children advance, classes often divide into smaller groups and then into a ‘shared private’  lesson with a child of similar age.





Viv Lock – Primo Guitar Teacher

Primo Guitar (8yrs+) –

We also offer guitar lessons (electric/acoustic). These take place on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Click here to find out more about how these lessons work and Viv Lock our new head of Primo Guitar who teaches most sessions and has a wealth of experience as a professional guitarist, examiner and teacher.